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Mineral Deposits Senegal Water Supply System

This 10ML/day water supply system was for a gold mine processing and potable supply. It also supplied local villages. The pipeline was 40km in length. It was made of polyethylene and had three pump stations. The system is automatically controlled by a telemetry system. Each pump station has its own power supply. Project value is $10M. Gromeng was responsible for design, pipeline specifcation and the constuction of the containerised pump stations.

Walwa Town Sewer, Treatment Plant and Recycled Water

Design, specifying and building a gravity reticulation system for a small town (hybrid utilizing existing individual site septic tanks). Works included aerated polypropylene lined lagoon treatment plant, reedbed polishing and recycled water system to irrigate the sports reserve.

Boomaroo Nursery Runoff Recycling System

Comprehensive system that captured stored, treated and sterilized a wholesale nursery's watering runoff and drainage water. the 0.5 ML/day system included a reedbed, sand filter, coagulant dosing, chlorine dosing and pH adjustment using carbon dioxide gas. The new pH adjustment system removed an antiquated dangerous and inaccurate nitric acid system.

Central Highlands Water Ballarat North Recycled Water Tank and Pump Station

A 1 ML bolted steel tank set in a concrete base. The pump station and pipeline serviced customers and filled lake Wendouree. Gromeng has also managed additional twin 6 ML and 1 ML recycled water bolted tanks.

Craigieburn WWTP Screen and Compactor

Design and construction of a rotating screen, washer and dewatering system constructed on a new 5m high platform. Works included electrical works and PLC programming.

Caravan Park Sewage System

A caravan park in Northern Victoria, located on a river bank had difficulty meeting its EPA obligations particularly with the shock loading during holiday season. An aeration lagoon, maturation pond and recycled water usage facility were designed, approved by EPA and installed.

Perseverance Mine Tailings Pumping system

Pumping system mounted on pontoon to recycle water back to a gold processing plant. System also included transfer between tailing dams (these were old mine excavations). Groundwater monitoring and pumped capture through boreholes was included. The system was fully automated, controlled by PLC and telemetry.

Bassari Resources Potable Water Supply

A skid mounted water supply system was designed, constructed and shipped from Australia. It included deep bed sand filtration and chlorine disinfection. The system and detailed operating manual needed to to cater for remote local operators. A pumping and pipeline facility to service the mine process plant and potable water was also designed and delivered.